Creators guide

Welcome to Reame, a place where you have the freedom to express your creativity. In this guide, we will go through basic website functions and how you can get started in Reame. Once you start uploading your episode, check out “how to buy/sell NFT” blog to see our NFT marketplace function and how you could add your NFTs to the bottom of your episode.

  1. To Register/Login, navigate to the top right of the webpage and click “Register” if you already have an account click login.

*Please note that by Registering with us, you have read and agree with the terms and privacy policy

  1. Go to “creator’s dashboard” on the left hand side of your profile page.
  2. To add a new series navigate to the “ Add series” on the top right of the webpage in your dashboard.
  3. Fill in required details you want to show for your series
  4. In your dashboard Go to navigate to “comic details” on the middle icon.
  5. Click “add episode”
  6. Start uploading your episode with the required graphic and sizing
    • Fix Thumbnail comic 400×600px
    • Fix Cover 1440×460px
    • Fix Thumbnail episode 300×300px
    • Comic sizing per file panel 800px1791px and should not be over 1MB

we recommend checking out “how to create a wallet” to start using our Marketplace For future references on how to buy and sell NFT check out “how to buy/sell NFT”

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